Friday, July 6, 2012

Freaky Friday...

Does your man have a wild side?????  Ha ha ALL MEN DO!!!  Today is Friday so let's call it "Freaky Friday"! Why "Freaky Friday"???  I'm glad you ask.  It's been a long week (including with the holiday being in the middle of the week and having to go back to work the next day that made it seems as where it was the longest work day this year) and you all have nothing to do tonight.  Ladies, in the last post I mentioned that guys love it when a lady takes the lead...well......Treat your man tonight!  Suggest a nice dinner at home or take him to a nice restaurant.  Put on his favorite dress and favorite fragrance.  You know the one where he will quickly undress you with his eyes...ha ha I love that feeling!!! You know what else you can do...SUGGEST TO DRIVE HIM INSTEAD OF HIM DRIVING YOU!!! Find some soft jazz or neo soul music that can make the ride enjoyable. Choose a restaurant that has low lighting and a cozy setting to where when you all sit down at your table, it will feel as where you all are the only two there! 

Give him compliments on how well he is dressed and how good he smell.  Make him feel important!  Hey you can even pay for the bill!!  This is a night to where you want to treat him from point A to Z!!! If you are sitting at a booth, you know ladies sometimes we love to get comfortable where we sit and maybe kick off our shoes....hint footsie with him.  I told y'all men love a nice massage.  You can start massaging him in an area that he doesn't receive a massage very often.  His face and penis will light up!!! Ha ha ha....I love it!

So you all are now finish with dinner.  Hmmmmm what to do now.  Head back home and make the coziness continues.  Light candles, turn on the music, set the mood.  Tell him that you will undress him but you will be right back. Go put on that lace or silk gown that he loves dearly.  Go back and undress him slowly. After you undress him, grab that massaging oil and enjoy the remaining of the night.  I GUARANTEED, both of you will still be smiling when you wake up the next morning!! 



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