Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Howdy peeps!!!  And we have gotten through this day...THANK GOD!!!  Some had it easy; some had it hard.  I had a long one because I was at a Baptist Convention with my church ALL DAY today and its been a long one.  Was kind of happy that I had my support system there....MY HUBBY!!  I had diret the choir but that is another story for another day. 

TIME TO RELAX with the hubby!!!  How do you relax?  Nice hot bath/shower with your mate? Cuddling over a nice glass of wine? Listening to some nice soft music with low lighting?  SO many things to do to relax with your spouse!  What do I like...I personally like a glass of wine (my favorite wine is a nice chilled Moscato), listening to music, and cuddling all at the same time!!  Maybe one of you can incorporate a massage in it to each other. 

Bye y'all!!

P.S. Hey check out this site while you are relaxing...oh yeah make sure you have a glass of wine while you are at! 




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