Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tips on showing love to your spouse...

Now by no means am I perfect in any of these tips that I have listed but I did want to share them because I have tried some of them and you can and will notice a difference. 

1) Saying you are sorry before he does. Now even I know that this is something hard for me to do at but it really helps and it really works. 

2) Writing a love message. You will be surprise what a little " I love you" or "You're my big daddy" would do to brighten up his day.  You can stick it in his lunch for work or send a text message (sexting), or you can leave a sexy voicemail message. 

3) Do something he likes.  Now, you are probably thinking I don't do outdoors or sports.  But try 1 thing letting him know that you can have fun with him doing things he like.  If its outdoors, just make sure you have some bug spray.

4) Initiate. Sometimes men like for the women to be in charge and lead the way to intimacy.  It makes both parties happy and excited!

5). Plan a date night.  If you have a kid(s), you are probably thinking that this is impossible.  If you have a babysitter, ask if they could stay a couple of extra hours to watch the kid(s) to have a date night.  Trust me the extra money you are paying for the babysitter is not a problem because you both will enjoy yourselves.  Every now a date night is important!!

6) Keep yourself looking good.  A man will always say "Oh baby, you look good" because they have to say that or they will be in the dog house for a very long  But honestly women, we must try hard to keep ourselves looking attractive to our husbands everyday.  The same way we dressed and made sure we were looking sexy from head to toe when you were dating, that has to continue in the marriage.

7) Give the sexy eye.  What is the sexy eye???  Come on women, you know we can seduce a man with our eyes and not even say a word.  Enough said!!!!

8) A massage. Surprisingly, a man likes a massage just we women do.  There are moisturizing body oils, lotions, body butter, etc that you can use to give a nice relaxing massage.

9) Have his back! As bad as we want to say he is wrong in front of others, DON'T!! Let him know that you have his back and that you support him in EVERYTHING he does.  Never agree with someone else and not your husband.  Trust me, it's not good for neither party.  STAND UP FOR YOUR MAN!!!

10) Showing appreciation! A small thank you will MEAN THE WORLD TO HIM!

Now of course this list can go on and on but I just wanted to share some of things that I apply to my marriage and it helps and makes us both grow together with a SMILE!!


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