Monday, July 30, 2012

What is a way to a man's heart???

They have always said " a way to a man's heart is through his stomach".  Is that true?  What about through his eyes? His touch?  His Lips? Now, there are a lot of men that loves to eat...I'm not saying that isn't true.  But, I am saying that you should try other areas.  My husband is not a hard man to the smalles thing will catch his attention and his heart.  I love to cook and when we were dating, I cooked meals that I would either invite him over for dinner or take it to him.  Funny thing, his heart was already made up that he wanted to marry me even before he even tasted the first piece of (and yes I am bragging)!!! 

Now, there are some women that don't cook and their husbands are ok with that.  THAT'S GREAT!!! But sometimes us women should try to cook a nice meal for their husband.  You know there are times that they don't want to do things for us but they do it anyway....why??? Because they love us and they will do what it takes to make us happy.  There are several cooking classes out there available or you can make it a hang out night with your girl friends. Find out what his favorite meal is and cook it.  Don't try to compare yourself to anyone else in his family (i.e. mother, grandmother, aunt, etc Take one, I guaranteed both you and your husband will be excited!

ALL MEN want their woman to look good.  Some women may not wear make up, but lip gloss doesn't hurt anybody.  Stop pulling that hair back in a ponytail (unless it was professional done and that is your hairstyle for the next couple of days) or putting on a headband (and YES I am guilty of doing that).  Go to the hair salon and tell your stylist, I want a sexy classy look.  YOU WILL EVEN BE AMAZED  and I am sure your husband would love it.  The more the man sees his wife attractive and she is feeling good about she looking good, the more he will enjoy and recommend you do it more often.

Hmmmmmm, the touch?!?!?!?  Find out where his spot is.  Get some massaging oil.  Tell him to relax and go from there.  Enough said.....

Ok ladies, sometimes our lips can get a little dry and crusty!  Mary Kay has the best product for dry lips.  The lip mask and balm will clear all of that up. The balm will be used to moisturize your lips.  There are other products out there that may suit you better...offer to kiss him.   If he goes for the opportunity, don't just jam your lips on his...take it nice and slow.  Make his toes curl 

All I am saying is there are other ways to YOUR MAN'S HEART.  Find it and HOLD ON TO IT! 



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