Monday, August 6, 2012

Finances! Finances!

Ok, now we all know that this can be a touchy subject in marriages.  Some of them fall apart because of finances.  Finances play a key part in a marriage because you have two individuals that are coming together as one that have to take everything they have and now put it together with their spouse. YES, this does include MONEY!  Now I have read that some people have accounts that the other person doesn't know about it.  Do you think that is fair?  Now, as a woman, we can sometimes flip out over something that our husband's didn't tell us and put them in the "dog house".  But we hold things back from them?  Is that fair?  You should be able to trust each other and communicate with each other on a level that is understanding between the two of you.  You know in your vows, you did vow to your spouse and God that you will be honest and true to your spouse.  So do you think the "secret account" is worth not telling your spouse about?  Some say yes and some say no.  Only you know how your communication level is with your spouse.

Does your household have a monthly, quarterly, or annually budget? Do you spend more on entertainment, restaurants, clothes, etc than you do on your monthly bills?  Do you have a savings account that has at least 3 months of reserves saved in it?  Do you have a financial planner? Do you and your spouse feel comfortable with each other to sit down and talk about your finances?  Do you have a 3 year, 5 year, 10 year goal in play for your finances?  

Sit and ask yourself and/or your spouse these questions and don't be shocked by the answers.  If you answered yes to all, then you are on your way to a great financial relationship between you and your spouse.  But if you answered no to more than you answered yes to, then maybe you all are to sit down and come together on an agreement regarding finances and SET THOSE GOALS!  Just because America is in a rescession, doesn't mean that your household have to be in one as well!  Beat the system and still be able to enjoy life and not worry about it because of finances! 

Another touchy subject about finances is that women are known to be shopaholics!  For some that is true but for others it's not.  Ladies, if you know that you are in a financial burden, don't go out and spend 95% of your monthly income on shopping and not taking care of the necessities.  ESPECIALLY, if you have children in the household.  Now I am NOT saying that there is something wrong with buying yourself something nice every now and then (a girl likes new items) but don't over do it.  If that man is out working hard for his household and you being selfish and not taking care of it, THEN SHAME ON YOU!!! Stop taking advantage of THAT MAN (using the pointing finger sounding like a mom pointing it at you).  Come to your senses and release that a happy man makes a happy home!  Especially, if he is the only breadwinner in the household.  Don't have that man working extra hard to take care of his household and you misusing him and the money.  Ladies, if you have this problem, go to God and ask him to deliver you from this addiction!  Families have lost A LOT because of the woman having a shopping problem.  Now, keep in mind, if this particular issue does not refer to you, then don't get mad at what it is saying.  But if this does refer to you, then still don't get mad, just look at it as a wake up call!  Also, this can be a vice-versa situation.  Just make sure some type of compromising comes to the table for the household and everybody can sleep at night.

It is never to late to work on your finances together to make the better!!!




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