Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is this going to be a "Happy New Year" for my marriage?!?!

2012 brought along some challenging times but we made it.  It was hard but with God, we made it.  There were some things that I did that I'm not pleased with that I know caused the drama and stress.  I am determined to not bring that back into my house.  Certains things I tried to take control of and it blew up in my face (and yes I am admitting this to the world).  But I do love my husband and I love my family and whstever it takes for peace and love to come back to my home.   I am determined to get my house back in order and make it a home again.  I love my husband, Jerry Gaston, Jr and our son, KenDarius.

I have heard from some men that black women don't know how to be submissive to their hhusbands.   Is that true or false? I can only answer for my household.  Its not easy but its what God commanded for the wife to do and be.  I do have to work on being more submissive to my husband.  I love him and I don't want to loose him. So whatever it takes, I will do it.  I have also notice that when he's happy, I'm happy.  This year I am declaring more laughter, happiness, peace, love, joy, understanding, etc for my marriage, my life, my family, and my home. There will not be any dividing in my home.   There will not be any arguments or separation in my home. 

I talk to a lot of women that are married and their not happy in their marriage.   I really hate that because sometimes I just want them to experience the happiness of being married that I experience in mine.   No marriage is perfect and mine is no way prefect but we are striving to do what is right and what it takes to stay happy and married.   What I do in mine is for us and what you do in yours is for you.   Stop comparing and/or trying to be like them and/our better.   Trying to keep up will make you loose your mind,  marriage,  and family.   It's not worth it.  What God has for your marriage and family, is for you. 

Make 2013 the year that brings love back into your marriage and home.   We all have to face challenges in our marriage and daily lives but we can face them. Put God first and sit back and watch what He does! 

Here's to a positive and loving future in 2013 and so on! 


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