Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello world!! It's been a while since I last blogged.  There's been a lot going on both good and bad but we are still together.  If you're married, then you will have good and bad.  It depends on the couple on how each decision is made amongst the couple. We can only grow from the bad things.  I've been praying to God to fix me first because if I only pray for God to fix my husband and my marriage, then to me that is being selfish.  Marriage is not just based on one person but both people in the relationship.  I once read that maybe the problem isn't the other person, it could be you.  So why you are praying to God to fix that person, pray to God to fix you.

Marriage is not easy but it is what you make it.  I make sure I keep God first in my life and marriage because without him, there's nothing.  I always go to God when there is disagreement in the marriage because He will make you calm. Sometimes I don't have to say anything!  Silence is the Best argument beater!!!! It's tough not to say anything but I try to beat it....KEY WORD: TRY! Marriage is how you take it, how you make, and how you see it.  I can't tell you how to do something in your marriage because it might not work for you.  The name of this blog is called "The Journey of being a Wife" not "The Journey of the Perfect Marriage".

SMOOCHES!!! :) :)


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