Saturday, November 2, 2013

Countdown to the tree! Christmas that is!!!!!

So I decided last year I was going to retire my purple and silver decoration for my Christmas tree. This year I have decided to do.....drum roll and bronze. I think I am also going to incorporate some pine cones, greenery (but not to much because the tree is green.....ha ha), and even some outdoor decor. My husband is a hunter. So I'm thinking that if I incorporate something he loves, besides me, he will be more into the holiday season. He is not the "holiday" person because he thinks people go overboard. The true reason for the holiday season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I'm not taking that away but I do want to do a little decoration. I would also like to do something outside. Not a lot, just something to jazz up the decor on the inside.

Now the coutdown has officially started!!! Woooohooooo. :-) 8 weeks till Christmas; 4 weeks till I put the tree up.

When I was little, we always put the tree up immediately after thanksgiving. The tradition is thanksgiving service on thanksgiving, dinner with family, black Friday shopping, come home and hide the gifts bought, and put the tree up. I really want to stick to that. Well, I'm off to do hang out with the young man of the house and also check out some of the Christmas decorations. I love days like this.

Grabbing my cup of coffee and we are out door!!! Talk to you soon -:)

P.s. this is my tree from last year along with my handsome son.


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