Friday, November 22, 2013

Love Note Challenge!!!

How many of you remember when you got love notes while you were in school? Did you get them or did you give them or both??? It probably said something like this?  Do you like me?  Circle one….yes or no! Will you go out with me? Circle one….yes or no! Can I be your boyfriend? Circle one….yes or no! Thinking back over this is kind of funny but cute at the same time.  Well think about the time when you dating your spouse before getting married?  Did you ever give him any love notes?  Did you give him any Hallmark cards just because? Well, let’s start that back ladies!!  One thing I have learned in the daily walk of being a wife is that the men want to be loved as well as appreciated.  Sometimes we can be so selfish and not focus on them.  It’s ok to tell your husband in front of others that you appreciate him and that he is the but do you also let him know in private. Telling him and showing him is two different things that can be combined as one with a MAJOR affect to it.

Let’s start a Love Note Challenge! This challenge is for ten (10) days.  If you desire to keep it going, by all means DO!!! You don’t have to stop after the 10 days. I just gave it an amount of days to kick it off. Pull out the sticky notes and get to writing those “love notes”! Put little messages on a sticky note to let him know that you do care and you do love him.  If you want to get creative with it, do it in a scavenger hunt!  Leave notes in certain places with clues that will blow his mind and make the prize a BIG ONE!!! You will be amazed at what the love notes will do to your marriage.  It will bring the cuteness back.  It will bring the romance back.  It will bring your crush back.  It will put a smile on both of your faces.  It will make the daily walk of being married to your PRINCE a great one!   

You could maybe start off by saying “I love you and have a great day at work”. Then maybe later in the day, you can send him a text (and yes a text message can be a love note as well…depends on what you put in the messageJ) telling him that you can’t wait to see him when you get home.  Give him something worth looking forward to. Remind him of why he chose you to be his life partner.  Kick it up a notch.  Heck, if you even want to do “Sex Coupons”…do it!!!!  Put some Hershey Kisses in a sandwich bag and put a little note with it to make him think about your luscious lips!  

One thing I have learned about being married in God’s eyesight is that sex is not a bad thing in marriage.  Sex should only take place while you’re married but a lot of us missed the concept of that memo before getting married…like me.  Hey, yes I am guilty of it and I’m not shame to tell the world. But as I got closer and closer to God and asked for His forgiveness, that’s when he started preparing me for marriage.  You will catch that last sentence later. Make your marriage what you want it to be and how you want it to be.  

A marriage built by Christ, STANDS STRONG! 

Enjoy ladies!!

Enjoy the coupons!!! 
Sex Coupons


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