Friday, November 8, 2013

Praying for your husband!!

Do you pray for your family? Do you pray for your husband?  Do you pray to be a better wife? We as women can be sooooo, what's that word, STUBBORN!!!! Yes, even I am calling myself stubborn because we can be at times.  We get so caught on things and just hate to tell our husbands that their right.  They may not be right ALL the time, but there are some times when they are right and we just hate to admit it.  

But on another tip on prayer...don't be so quick to pray for your husband to change.  Why would you want him the way you want him?  You didn't create him and it was a purpose the two of you got married.  You and him makes a whole.  Meaning he is his way and you are you're way.  You're not the same.  Praying for someone else to change may not be the right thing to do because they may not be the ones changing.  It might just be you!! Instead of praying for him to change, pray that he because closer to God.  Pray that God will protect him throughout the day when you are apart from each other.  Pray that  God will bring the two of you closer and closer. Pray that you all will be the light to other marriages and that God shines through it. 

We may not know it, but our husbands need prayer and encouragement every second of the day.  Now ladies admit it, we can be difficult to please, talk to, and hand. So, since the man in the HEAD of the HOUSEHOLD, he has a lot of pressure on him.  Taking care of his house.  Taking care of his wife.  Taking care of the kids.  Fixing the broken things in the house.  Keeping the maintenance up on the car.  Being the ear to hear you complain about your bad day at work.  The shoulder you can cry on when there is no one else. The list goes on and on.  He has so much responsibility we don't even see it.  Well some of us see it but we don't want to recognize it.  Oh and let's not forget that his is a great dad!!! How he takes time out with the kid(s).  How he helps with the homework and dinner when you have to stay late for work or stop by the church.  Really, he is your backbone.  

Just make sure that you show him that you appreciate him.  Always tell him thank you. Tell God thank you for your husband as well because many others are not as fortunate as you are. 


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