Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

As we take the time out to celebrate the world’s biggest love day, let’s not only say but show it.  Some things in life take a toll on us and we forget those little simple words “I love you”.  Love is an action word not just a verbal word.  Showing someone that you love them will override you telling them in any second.  Ladies, we DON’T have to wait until leap year to do for our husbands, we should have the ability to do it every day.  Think about why you married him and why you fell in love with him.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your spouse and don’t be the person that only thinks that he is supposed to do something for you and that’s it.  Do something for him and make him feel loved on this day as well.  If you really love your husband, you WOULD NOT FOCUS ON THIS DAY just being about YOU.  This is a celebration between really 3 people: God, Your Husband, and You!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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