Friday, March 28, 2014

Homebound Date Night Ideas!

Ok, so we are ALL tight on money now days? The idea of going out for a nice evening is at the bottom of your list because the money just isn't there.  Wait…you still have a home that you can enjoy with both your husband and kid(s).  Here are a couple of ideas that may help you in some kind of way:

For you and him.
Cook a nice dinner together.  It doesn't have to be steak or something off the grill.  You can do seafood, chicken, beef, or even a homemade pizza together. The idea is that you and your husband is making dinner together and making use of the time together.  If you want to jazz it up a little, take out the bottle of wine, two glasses, and the iPad/iPod and turn on some nice music to listen to while making dinner. Trust me, you will enjoy!

For you, him, and the kids.
Choose a meal that everyone enjoys and include the kids in helping prepare dinner and the table. This is a great idea for quality family time together. Have the kid’s make the simple items that mean a lot like set the table, fold the napkins, fill the ice bucket, etc. Trust me, the smiles that float around the room will set the atmosphere for a GREAT FAMILY DINNER!

For you and him.
A nice movie.  Instead of paying $8.75 for a movie, take use of those extra channels that you have with your current cable/satellite company or go to Red Box and pay $1.25 for something you both would like.  Ladies, if you choose a “chick flick” make sure he wants to see it as well.  Also, if he chooses an action pack movie, just get ready for some action. This is something for the both of you to enjoy together, not separately.  Grab the wine, a blanket, cuddle up, and turn the lights off and ENJOY THE MOVIE.

For you, him, and the kids.
GET OUT THE POPCORN! Get a great family movie that everyone can enjoy and laugh! Let the kids picks the movie. Remember this is a family movie night.  Try to eliminate movies that have profanity and nudity scenes in.  You don’t want the kids feeling uncomfortable and you definitely don’t want to fast forward anything in the movie!

For you and him.
SPA night!!! Get out the candles, the bubble bath, the massaging oil/lotion, the robes, and the iPad/iPod.  Prepare your bed as it is a massage table and sit the oil/lotion next to the bed (so you won’t have to walk across the room to get them). Have the candles set up in the bedroom and bathroom. Have two glasses of wine and rose pedals scattered across the bathroom.  You can even have a nice lavender scent floating around in the room and the bubbles on top of some nice and warm bath water. Have fun!

For you, him, and the kids.
Grab some scissors, glue, glitter, construction paper, and let’s make something.  Make something together and frame it! Sit at the table and come up with some ideas of something that you all can make together or a theme of something and each of you design it based on that theme.  Frame it and hang it up in the house that you all can see on a regular basis and remember that night!! Trust me, it means something and everyone will enjoy!

These are just a couple of ideas for you to do at home.  You have a home and a family…make use of it. Enjoy! 



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