Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 2nd Blogiversary!!

Happy 2nd

Happy 2nd year Blogiversary to me!  I’m so excited.  Ok yes I know I am posting this late but I had a good reason to. Lately I have had so much going on in my life; I put blogging at the end of my “To Do List”.  By the time I had gotten to the end of the list, I was extremely tired and ready for bed.  I put it off so much, that it not only because days but weeks before I even did a post.  Now I would do my regular posts regarding “Happy Anniversary month” & “Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials” but that was it.  Then to be honest, I didn’t feel like doing that but I wanted to keep my blog live.  I would even skip posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. BUT, thanks to my loving husband, son, and mother in helping with my new project, the renovation of my office.  Now you would think it would have taken me all week, but honestly, it only took a couple of days in spite of the Independence Day holiday coming in…lol. But there have been good days and bad days.  But I will touch on those topics later. 

What have I learned about blogging? I have learned so much I don’t think I have time to go through everything.  But I will tell you this.  I have learned that if you want something badly, you have to work hard for it.  This blog is my baby and I get to have you as my “blog family” to explore with me regarding my journey of being a wife and prayerfully help others along the way.  Also I have learned to ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING!!! Boy I have posted some things and as I was reading them, I said whoa…did I do that (in my Steve Urkel voice) lol. I did go back to correct it but it was the matter of the fact. I have a case of O.C.D. and sometimes you will see that in my posts.

Now there are still some things that I am learning as I go along.  Since I am a blogger, I do read other blogs. As I look at their pages, posts, and ideas, I think to myself that one day I will have something fancy like this.  I understand that this doesn’t happen overnight and there is some sincere dedication to it.  I communicate with other bloggers and we have fun learning together.  I have some dear friends that give me ideas on new post ideas, crafts, discussions, etc. That really means a lot to me that my friends want to see me do well with my blog!  I have been amazed at how some of my posts, crafts, printables, and recipes have helped others.  Strangely, I get my ideas for everyday conversations and situations and just talk about it.  But one thing I won’t do is tell you to try something that I haven’t tried before.  That wouldn’t be fair and I’m just not that type of person. I mean honestly how would I say try this love coupon on your hubby if I haven’t tried it, NOT FAIR!

Well, it’s getting late and I have to get in bed for early morning service at church tomorrow.  Stay tuned to the blog site and daily posts.  Who knows you might just see something that will really catch your eye!


I just want to say thank you to God the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to share with others.  A special thanks to my husband that stands by me and support me in everything I do, even if I fall flat on my face in doing so…lol. Thanks to our son, Ken, for his support as well.  Thanks to my dear family and friends that have supported me in doing this blog!


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