Thursday, August 28, 2014

Be CONTENT in your marriage.

In today's society, so many married ladies surround themselves with other married women.  They are either the same age, agree on a lot of things, older in age, and/or have been married for several years. I will agree with all of that because I do the same thing. In my years of being married, one thing I have learned is being content in my own marriage. Why be content? Well I'm glad you asked.  Everybody's marriage IS NOT THE SAME! You are your own individual self as well as your husband. You can't compare your marriage with the other person because you're not them.  So many marriages fell because the wife or the husband try to do things they see done either on television or what other married couples are doing. 

Here's a little example:
David and Donna have been married only for two years. They just moved into a new subdivision six months ago and became great friends with John and Jodi. They lived two doors down from them. Well Jodi has a fancy car and she is a stay at home mom.  John and David are in the same type of career field but work at two different companies. Donna is an Legal Assistant at a well known law firm but she is tired of her job. David and Donna notice all of the nice things John and Jodi have in their home and the exciting things they get to do. Donna mentions  to David that she wants to be a stay at home mom just like Jodi. They then argue about the fact and then David yells out well I want my wife to take care of me and cook for me and do her wifely duties.  Well, I guess you can see where this is going.

My solution is this. Just because they have it doesn't mean that you all can have it either. Both parties have to SIT DOWN and COME TOGETHER on what works for the marriage. David and Donna have been married for a much shorter time frame John and Jodi has been.  John and Jodi have been married 8 years. Things are much different in each of their marriage. It was not right for Donna to approach David with such because little do they know, Jodi has a disability that causes her not to work.  Before the disability became a serious issue, she was an employee for an accounting firm. With the money they received from her 401K and to cut back on some lavish living, they budget very well and talk to each other before making a big decision in their marriage.  It is a true saying to not judge a book by its cover. 

Ladies, stand tall for your marriage and BE CONTENT! Look around at the things that God has blessed you with.  Don't compare to other marriages and don't think you are better than other marriages. EVERYBODY STRUGGLES! Whether you have one dollar or one million dollars in the bank, EVERYBODY STRUGGLE! It may not be at the same time, but it's coming. Know your worth in your marriage. Don't sit back and complain because it could be a whole lot worse off. Be proud of what you have and your marriage.  If you stay on a busy street instead of in a subdivision, be proud of that busy street. Your time is coming. If you drive a 1998 Toyota Corolla, be proud of it. Your time is coming for an upgrade. If you have basic cable and basic cell phone service, be PROUD. If you are comfortable with sitting down every month to pay your bills and still smile, you're off to a great start! You will be amazed at how many couples that don't have much, stay married the longest and the ones that have the fancy house, car, and job, can't enjoy their marriage. Now by no means am I coming down on anyone or their marriage. You make it work for you and yours. If it takes the lavish life to make you happy, then enjoy that life style. But don't loose your mind and self respect for them. 

Now first tell God thank you for this blessing and then go look into your spouse's eyes and tell them thank you for all that you do for this marriage and family.  Remember, be CONTENT in your marriage and watch how easy it goes! 



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