Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Being married...

Hello all! I know it has been a while since my last post. But I'm back!

Lately, I have been hearing this phrase a lot..."how is it being married?" So I thought that I would speak on this subject briefly.  Being married is 1) a blessing from God 2) what you make of it 3) be honest and committed. You can add in more if you would like but I want to just touch on these 3 matters because it is very important in a marriage.

A blessing from God. 
Now some can get mad at me because I'm saying this and I really don't care but marriage is between a MAN & a WOMAN! God ordained marriage and before God marriage is honorable. Matthew 19 verse 4 says "for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife...". Wives, it also gives instructions for us to be submissive unto our husbands (which I still have trouble with but I am working on it; I have gotten a whole lot better). Ephesians 5 verse 22 says "wives be submissive unto your own husband". There are many other verses that is literally a guide to a great marriage. These are simple instructions that come from God not man.

What you make of it
When I say that I mean you can't make your marriage be like someone else's.  What works for them may not work for you. I have said this in many previous posts but I don't think some people have figured that out. No one knows what really goes on in the marriage except the HUSBAND AND WIFE. So I really doubt the things they have came easy. Just like you put effort into your job, put effort into your marriage.  You worked hard to plan for the ceremony. Work hard for the actual marriage. We all put so much effort in having a glamorous ceremony and there is nothing wrong with that. But you do know the marriage actually starts after the ceremony. Let Johnny and Jada be happy in their marriage and you be happy in yours just like it is. Don't try to be like anyone else.

Be honest and committed
A lot of people think that cheating is only done physically.  Can I burst your bubble? No! Cheating can come in a mental mindset as well. What do I mean? I'm glad you asked.  When you are constantly thinking of someone else and reflecting on that, then that is cheating. You can sit right there in front of your spouse and talk to them, etc. But when your mind is some where else, that doesn't help your marriage. You committed to this thing when you got married, you might as well continue to stay committed to it. No marriage is perfect but you can strive to have a good one.  Also when you lie about something, the truth will sooner or later come to light. The fact that you want to go out of town to meet someone and use an excuse about it and make people believe you, is not fair to your spouse nor your family. Secrets are poisoning to a marriage. Why keep secrets and be married?

So overall, marriage is GREAT and FUN! It comes with great benefits and you have a life long partner to experience life with.  Who doesn't want that? There will be good and bad days but you have that being single. So allow God to come in and be the foundation of your marriage; only you can decide on how your marriage is going to be; and be honest and stay in the race!

Now go love on your spouse!

Until next time...SMOOCHES!


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