Monday, January 5, 2015

Cleaning up your email!!!

Since this is the month for organizing and cleaning things up, let's turn to cleaning and organizing our EMAILS!!! Now let's not raise our hands all together at once, but who has so many emails that you really don't have time to go through them all???? 


I mean, I have so many emails I just look at them and only read the important ones and let the others just sit there and collect dust or in the technical world, take up space. Now some of them I do read because I want to get a good deal on something. But those that say "you are receiving this email because you went on to one of our partners site" is getting a little bit too much.  I know it's nobody's fault but mine but, but, but, oh ok. I'll take responsibility for it. But we can all come together to clean it up. A couple of pointers to help you out in cleaning up your email (this actually worked with me), so I'm here to share with you: 

1) Folders
I know some of you may think this is time consuming but it is very worth it. Categorize each email in a folder so if you need to go back to it at a later date.

2) Spam mail 
Now you should have an automatic folder that shows that a particular email is spam. may want to glance at that folder because an email you need could have easily gone in that folder because the system doesn't recognize the email  address.  I personally do this once a week. 

3) Partnering email
Be very careful of these because certain sites do sell your email address. If you receive one of these type of email, open it, scroll down, and click unsubscribe. 

4) Blogging/Couponing/Social Network emailing
A wonderful way to really not clam up your personal email inbox is setting up different email addresses for certain things. I know, that is a lot to keep up with but if you think about it, it is a great way to organize your email. Sometimes it's not a good thing to "ALWAYS" give out your personal email address. Just make sure you set them up with a username and password that you will always remember. Or you can print the password keeper and keep up with your login information. 

This may be something that won't happen overnight, but a couple of minutes to do so will make it all worth it. 

Off we go to cleaning and organizing our email!!!! 

Until next time, smooches!!! 


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