Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Vision...

Tonight was absolutely awesome!!! I went to a "Vision Board" party with some friends and it was great. For a while now, I wanted to do a vision board. I have seen many posts and pictures and said I'm going to do one. But I never made time for it. So I got an invite to a girls gathering about doing a vision board and I immediately said YES!! I put it on my social calendar and made sure I didn't schedule anything to conflict the time. 

The group of ladies that was at the party was just perfect!!! There were entrepreneurs, veteran wives, and Godly women and the atmosphere was just perfect. God truly has a way of connecting you to positive people. I am ready to be in connection with people that are positive, business minded, Godly, and just want to do better in life. This was exactly what I needed. 

My journey as being a wife is a great one but also a challenging one. Sometimes it's just great to be in association with others that goes through the same thing and you won't be judged or talked about to others. I am ready for change and new things that will help me in life and I would love to have the right people in my inner circle. Everyone there tonight is in a position to help one another and I am thankful to God for the vision that He gave my dear sister/friend for bringing this to life. 

My board is posted here and this is the beginning. It's on my wall in my office and I am going to make that wall my vision wall to post things uplifting and views towards my goals. This is the beginning to a great and positive view to a very uplifting journey to my future!!!! 


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