Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day coupons

Ladies, ladies, ladies, don't we just love coupons?? I know I do. Well lets give our husbands the opportunity to love them too. We have made up on our version of Valentine's Day coupons. There are a couple of rules to these wonderful advantages and they are:

1) A full body massage.
Now we know our husband's work very hard and sometimes just want to come home and relax. Well ladies, fix his dinner, have his slippers by his favorite chair, run some bath water for him, and when he gets out, give him a body massage that will "blow" his mind.

2) A moment of soft kissing
This is so sweet! Give your husband a nice and soft kiss that will remind him of wh he fell in love with you and why he married you.

3) Breakfast in Bed
It's very hard to get a really good breakfast during the week because of work BUT there is always the weekend. Get up and fix that man a nice big breakfast and serve it to him in the bed! Trust me, he will feel like the King he is!!!

4) Licking does a body good
Now if this is done right, the night will end with a bang. Take your tongue and slowly massage your husband's body, and see where it goes from there. Thank me later!

5) Hot and Cold Sex Session & 11) Ice Ice Baby
Grab you a couple of pieces of ice and explore your intimate session with ice. Trust me, it won't be cold the entire night.

6) A spontaneous quickie
In a rush but horny? Hey, go into a secluded area and make it happen but quietly though and you will have so much fun and it's exciting! You can also try this in the car! :-)

7) A Steamy shower for two
When was the last time you both had a steamy sexy shower with each other? Have you ever done that before? Well, get ready for it when he cashes in this coupon. For once, don't worry about your hair getting wet!

8) Your choice
Now ladies, this is where you have to have an open mind. Get ready for whatever your husband brings to you regarding this coupon. Now don't do anything that makes no sense or will leave you questioning your marriage. Once he comes up with what he wants to do, then discuss with him to get more detail so you will know where it is going.

9) A night on the town
For once, you take him out on a date instead of him taking you out. Make him feel special. Make him feel as where he deserves this. Let him have a free night.

10) Whip Cream anyone???
Hey who doesn't like a little whip cream on something tasty??? I know I do. Have fun with whip cream on your husband.

This can be a fun experience and it can also bring the sparkle back into your marriage. Make your husband feel special. Make him feel as where you love him and you really appreciate him.

Now you can give him these coupons with a gift basket or just hand them to him and say have fun! Make sure you sign your name ladies on the coupon and leave a little sexy message on there for him. Oh yeah, one more thing, each coupon expires 24 hours after being used. You can come up with your own way of disposal and making sure he doesn't make a duplicate copy of it.

Have fun ladies and until next time...



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