Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Being a dedicated and faithful wife!

It takes a lot in being a dedicated and a faithful wife. Many that are not married say they can do this and it doesn't look hard. Well, I come to tell you that it is hard! Anything that you want you have to work for it. Nothing comes free in life but salvation and the air we breathe; and sometimes we have to pay for the But honestly, marriage is NOT TO be played with. 

Dedicated means a person that is devoted to a task or purpose;having a single minded loyalty or integrity.  So with that being said, a wife has a devoted task of loyalty and integrity to her husband. Now, I'm not leaving the husbands out either because they have to be dedicated as well. Both ends has a responsibility under the "rule" book which is also known as the BIBLE! The Bible gives specific rule to both men and women for the marriage. Do we all go by the rules? Of course not. Why not? Because my spouse is not saved. Because that just don't seem right. Because I'm not his/her slave. Because he doesn't work or I bring the most money home so he can't tell me what to do and what not to do.  Because we don't have sex enough. Because he/she doesn't clean nor cook. Because he/she doesn't like being around me. Because he/she is not in love with me any more. This list can go on and on. But remember WE ALL took a vow before God, ourselves, and others that no matter what, we were going to be in this thing called marriage until one of us dies. That is being dedicated to not only our marriage but unto God's Word.  Mark 10:9 says Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate (NIV). If you want to get in more details on what the guidelines are for a marriage, read Ephesians 5: 21-33. That will definitely give you a point of view on how to be dedicated to your husband and vice-versa. 

Side note: Ladies, have you not notice that when we give the man what he wants, he then turns around and give us want we want? It doesn't even have to be on a physical standpoint. If you haven't tried that, try it and see how well it goes.

Faithful means to loyal, constant (occurring over a period of time), and steadfast (dutifully firm and unwavering). So, if you were faithful while you were dating and/or courting, why not be faithful in your marriage? I'm sure some people still haven't taken in that they're going to be with this one person for the rest of their life but that's not a bad thing. Just imagined being with that "one" and they will see the ups, downs, good, bad, ugly, pretty, the births, the deaths, the promotions, and most of all, someone to make memories with for the rest of their life. I personally love going back to see pics from years ago with my family and to see how we have grown and changed over the years is amazing to me. It's not a bad thing to stick it out with just one person. Yes, it is something that has to grow through the years of being faithful but it gets better with time. Remember that vow you made saying that you will always be there? Yep, that is when that "vow" comes into play of being "faithful".  When you tell someone that you are going to be faithful, mean it! Don't play with someone's emotions because you don't want any one playing with yours. 

So does it take a lot being dedicated and faithful, yes it does. Especially on the wife's end. We have to respect the fact that the man is the head of household. As bad as some of us are strong headed, business owners, independent, goal achievers, etc, we still have to step down and allow the man to be the head of the household. Yes the man wants to home to his castle and relax. Yes the man wants to have sex everyday. Yes the man wants to sit back and watch sports all day. But all of that is not a bad thing. I mean ladies, do we not watch what we want to on television? Do we not go shopping when we want to? Do we not go to girls' night out when we want to? You know how the government system has a thing called "Checks and balances"? Well, so does your marriage. Make a check list and see won't life balance out!! Yes I know there are some other good looking men out there but everything that looks good is not good for you. 

It doesn't have to be a hard task to be that dedicated and faithful wife. First and foremost, pray to God that He will change you for the better and not the worse and watch how He changes your marriage for the better. Now we all go through something but the good does really out weigh the bad. So try being that wife and see how things get better and better and better. Also, watch how God start to really pour the blessings into your marriage and family. 

Well, I'm off to be that dedicated and faithful wife! 

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