Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Sunday!

Okay today was a great day until it came to an end. Now, normally I would have several services to attend on a Sunday. It starts with 7:45 am service, at my husband's church. He is the choir director and I sing in the choir as well as work within other ministries of the church. When I leave there, I then go over to my church to sing. I sing on both the P&W (Praise and Worship) team and the choir. Some Sundays I would leave after I get done with P&W, and go back to church with my husband. Well today, was a little different. When we left, that was it for his church. So after I did what I had to do at my church, we left and went to his dad's church. His dad was on to speak for the regular service. Now, he is not a preacher, but he did do a really good job! Shocking, I was called up to sing during their P&W and the hubs was asked to do the prayer for the offering. Now that was totally different for him, but I was proud. Now, when we left their church, my wonderful in-laws treated us to Sunday dinner +Golden Corral. It was just nice to fellowship with them and relax after service.

Alright, here comes my interesting evening. We were suppose to go to another program but hubby met a guy about a car he is trying to purchase. See we are only on a one car system and it gets a little difficult at times, but God is good, and He sees us through. So we were in Columbiana to see the car and we also went for a nice Sunday drive. Now I'm thinking that we are going to go home after that adventure, nope, we went BACK to church.  We went to a reunion concert of one of his co-workers church and they sung several songs I knew. Now me being a music person, I truly enjoyed everything about the program. We didn't stay til the end but what I heard was GREAT. Now it is now about 8:00 pm and we still haven't made it home YET!!! (I'm sure you can sense the frustration now)

We make a stop at a fellow church/family member's home. Thankfully, she made a sweet potato pie, so it was all worth it in making that stop! We didn't stay long at her house but it was good to see them. So, now we are finally making our way to our lovely home. My mom texted me earlier to ask me if I was at home. Of course, I told her no and she stated to text or call her when I am there. Soooooooooooo, here comes the good part! I call my mom when I was about two minutes from my home, which is five minutes from her home. She tells me "hey, I have your dog". I was like Yogi? Because we already have a dog. She said no, your new dog. I was like I don't know anything about a new dog. I was thinking she was talking crazy because my step dad is afraid of dogs and don't like them so that was a BOLD move to even have them in the area of him. So we make a detour to her house and meet the new dog outside. I was honestly pissed off because we did not talk about getting another dog because we already have one. Well, to make this long story short, we have a new addition to our family and his name is Thunder. He is a mixed breed of german shepherd. Not sure of what the other breed is but guess who has a vet appointment this week...that's right Thunder! I will admit he is a cute little puppy and so far, Yogi (who literally runs the house), has actually welcomed him in. He has not barked loud and crazy nor has he tried to attack him. So maybe this a beginning to a life long relationship! And our family just grew.....

Until next time...


P.S. I saw a beautiful rainbow today but my crazy phone was not acting right and when the camera finally came up on my phone, we had passed it. Ugh I was so upset but oh well...things happen! :-)


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