Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What brings joy to your life?

The meaning of the word joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  So the question is what brings great pleasure and happiness to you? Is it being with your husband? You know, quiet time. Is it being with your family? Is it hanging with your girlfriends? Shopping? Reading? Cooking? What is it? For me, personally, it is a lot of things. But I think the most important one is being with my family. I mean who doesn't like spending family time with family? I'm not talking about everyone in your family, but your immediate ones. You know, your husband and your kids.  We all are so busy with work, school, church, and keeping the home straight, that we forget to schedule family time. For me and my family, we really try to schedule either one day of the weekend to do family time.  There is a song that we sing in church that says "this joy I have the world didn't give it and the world can't take it away". There is some true to that song both spiritually and mentally. The spiritual side is referring to the joy that God gives you in spite of the evil things that go on around you.  The mental side is that natural love from your husband and kids is something that the world can't take from you.

It's very important to spend time with family.  You don't want to be so busy that your kids are growing up right before your eyes and  you miss it. Or, you forget that you're married? Okay, well maybe not forget that you're married, but you know, forget to say I love you or forget that it's his birthday or forget to compliment him, just because. Those things are important in a relationship and family so make sure you focus on them to give you that "joy" back.

So what brings "joy" to your life?!?!?

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