Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to school we go!!!

I think every parent has been waiting on this time of the year to come…BACK TO SCHOOL!!! My son went back to school on today and he started the 9thgrade. Yes, I have a freshman in high school and yes I got a little emotional. He is my only child and he is growing up to be a nice young man. Dad and I really try our best to raise him into a smart and respectable young man. I personally think that we have done a great job so far (pats self on back) J.  But oh my, it was so hard to keep food in the house. Whew!!! I mean I understand he is growing but my goodness. I would come in from work and want a snack or something just to munch on before dinner and guess what, nope not today unless I go back to the store and buy it. My son mentioned that the food is calling his name while he is there at home so he answers to the food. Yeah right?!?!?

I really enjoy looking at all of the pictures of the kids’ first day back or first week back to school. Some look excited because they are in a new grade and/or a new school and just excited about taking on a new level. Then there are some that has that look saying why I have to go back now; I’m not ready to go back to school yet. But I know “we” as parents are glad to have them back in school. I prayed this morning with my son, as I always do, and I also prayed for the other students and teachers. I am currently in school to become a teacher and I have been in a teaching setting before, so it is not the easiest job. It’s a daily task that both the teachers and our children have to face, so we should all come together and pray for them; they need it!!

Another reason why I’m excited is because “back to school” means “back to football season”!!! My son is playing freshman football and I plan on being at every single game to show my support!  I love this time of the year. So stay tuned for the football game updates and pictures! 

Prayer for the school year:

Heavenly Father I come thanking You for another opportunity. Lord, thank You for keeping us all from the hurt, harm, and danger.  Lord God please be with the students, teachers, and faculty members in each and every school system.  Lord God keep Your protection all around them. Help them all to be focus and positive and make this year one of the best years they have had ever in school. Protect them all from seen and unseen dangers. Lord God we love You, honor You, and praise You. It’s in Jesus’ name I do pray, AMEN!

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