Sunday, August 16, 2015

How I plan for the week.

Okay, so we all have to now get back on a daily schedule to make life a little more easier. I am the type of person that walks around with so many calendars, both paper and electronically, and yet I still miss something. Strange, I know. But I am 99% on top of my schedule; it's just that 1% that I forget about lol. I sit down on Sunday evenings and/or night to do my planning for the week. It prepares me for the things that I have coming up, both personally and business. I have a little confession and yes I'm going to put it out there in the open world.  I sometimes wonder off (in my head) during church service on my schedule and start writing notes down relating to my calendar. I know that may sounds bad, but it just pops up and I have to take advantage of But trust me, I still be into the service. I truly need the Word of God in my life. 

But any

Calendar Set Up
Once I finally get home, I either go into my home office or sit in the living room with my calendars and go to work. I ask my husband and my son if they have anything that I need to put on the calendar. My houshold is on a one car system and trust me, it makes it a little difficult at times, but we make it work. I love using Cozi planning calendar for my family. Things are colored coded and it helps tremendously. We all can add and remove things on the calendar and we will all see it.  I also use Google calendar. I have a google account and trust me, I take use of all of their products! :-) 

Meal Planning
Now, this is something that I just recently got in the hang of and it is absolutely wonderful.  It helps in knowing what you have and what you need to get from the store. Also, if you are trying to save, it helps with taking your lunch to work. Buying out everyday adds up and can hurt your budget. Trust me, I know and I hate looking at my bank statements. A dear friend of mine has started her business called Mom's Happier Meals, to help with meal planning for your family. I have a dry eraser board on my refrigerator where I will post my "Costa's Cafe" menu (a name my husband gave me because I love to cook and stay in the kitchen), to let my family know the menu for the day. I also put it on my personal calendar to remind me. You can subscribe to get the weekly planning meals. 

Blogging schedule
During the Bloganista Mini-Conference earlier this month, I learned something key, have a BLOGGING schedule! I never thought about having a strict schedule, I just did blogging as a hobby. But its my BRAND and my BUSINESS, so in order to take it to the next level. So in my calendar that I carry everywhere with me, I use the color "Pink" when I write down ideas for my blog. This keeps me abreast to what is coming up for my blog post, etc. It has helped in many ways that I am truly thankful for. 

We all have a busy life and sometimes its just difficult to sit down and plan. If you don't think a paper calendar will help, utilize your calendar on your phone. Set reminders when you set your appointments to help you remember. Use sticky notes around the house, car, and your office to help you remember. Once you start it, it will become your best friend.  If you need certain documents to help with your planning, head over to our printables tab and select the document of your choice. 

Until next time, 

Off to planning I go!! SMOOCHES!!! 


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