Sunday, August 30, 2015

I did it!!!

This post is more so of a “brag on me” post!! Hey, why wait on someone else to do it when you can do it yourself. On August 1st, I attended the See Jane Write Bloganista Mini-Con where I was able to get some valuable information and meet some great people. It was “AWESOME SAUCE”. Founder of See Jane Write, Javacia Harris Bowser, had some great panelist and MC. In this conference, I was able to network, get great information on how to stick with my BRAND and BUSINESS, set goals, and just go for it.  Since I have been blogging, I have had so many ideas of wanting to do this and that, but never got the “push” to do so. I was that type of person that listened to the negative instead of the positive. I was the one that told her friends and family what I was going to do with the blog and accepted their feedback as my push. Was it positive feedback? No. Was it beneficial feedback? No. Was I allowing them to set my path for me? Yes. Did I benefit from it? No. So out of those three questions, the majority of the answers are no. Well, I’m not living on the no anymore.

While writing down notes and potential ideas, in now what I call my blogging bible, my goals started to become a real. They started to become beneficial. They started to push me to be bigger and better. The theme of the conference was “Blog Like a Boss”. That is now what I do; blog like a Boss. Why? Because it’s my BRAND and my BUSINESS, so that makes me the BOSS. I do have a story to tell. I do have events that I want to host. I do a have a network that I want to come to life. I do want to better myself and be on top. I want people to remember me while I’m not in the room. I want people to know what my BRAND is and how they can benefit from it. Chanda Temple, co-author of Birmingham’s Best Bites book, in which I purchased my book and she autographed it, made the statement “respect what you have to share and share what you have to respect”. I said WOW! Every time I open my blogging bible, I see that statement. If I don’t respect it, why should I expect anyone else to. That speaks volume on you as a person and your BRAND. “If you didn’t fit in their society, come up with your own!” Those words were said by Eunice Elliott. Boy did that stick on me like the color of my skin!!! I was devastated because a blogging society didn’t accept my membership (see this is me allowing others to control my destiny). When I brought the question, to the panelist, Ms. Elliott ended that question with that statement. As the professor says in the movie “Despicable Me”, LIGHT BULB!!!

I also learned how to stick and commit to a blogging schedule. I had a planner, but I wasn’t consistent with it. I would open it every other week, or when I thought about it. Well, no one took it serious, and I don’t blame them because I didn’t. Well not anymore!
I was challenged earlier in the month to set 5 goals that I wanted to achieve for my blog. Well, outside of those 5, I also made a goal checklist for my blog to achieve other goals by a certain time. Did I achieve all 5? I did not. But I did achieve 3 and that’s big! It makes me feel great when I see my accomplishments. One huge goal was to get a new logo. Well, with the help of Natalie Osbourn, of Thirty-Seventh Avenue, I got a new logo. It’s catchy. It’s chic. It’s me! I am the Journey of being a wife and she made it come to life. The other ones I achieve was I did 10 posts this month (this one makes the 10th one) and I ordered my business cards. The other two that I didn’t accomplish, it’s fine. Not taking them off the list, I’m just moving them to a different month to achieve. Philippians chapter 4 and verse 13 says,“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”. I have God first in everything I do and with Him, it is possible. I also live by this: in order for God to help you, you have to help God.  God will put it before you and it’s up to you to bring it life. So, as I continue this “journey”, I will continue to work harder and be better than the day before.  I always tell myself on my way to work, only you have the ability to control your destiny. What will the benefit be today?

So what am I saying in this post? Set goals. Achieve goals. Don’t give up. Go for it. Only you have the ability to do so. I have met and made some great connections with people that we both can benefit from and it doesn’t stop there.

I’m very proud of myself and to hear my husband tell me the same, makes me feel even better!!!

Until next time, I’m off to achieve more goals!!



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