Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Networking with other wives

Since I have been married, I have come across a lot of other married women.  They all range in different age groups: younger, same age, and older.  I enjoy meeting other wives because we share something in common, MARRIAGE! We are not all the same TRUST ME!! Lol. Some wives are the dominant person in their marriage and the husband allow them be so (backwards, yes I know but hey, they like it I love it). Some wives are overbearing towards their husband (meaning they check behind and before {lol} them. Some wives are being abuse in their marriage both verbally and physically and they are too scared to leave. Some wives are enjoying the "journey" of being married. Some wives are letting God guide them every step of the way in their marriage and it shows. Some wives are married but still living that single life. Some wives that are not good with finances. The list goes on and on. Every time I meet one, I learn from it whether it's bad or good. I use everything as a learning stage in life. But God knows, it is definitely an honor to be married.

So why not go out and network with other wives? It's very beneficial and just realize that you're not alone and trust me, other wives want to be around other "sister wives". It's not meant for us to be the same and be perfect, but we are in a family and need to be there for each other. We can't tell you what to do in your marriage, that's not our place. But we can encourage. We can be that shoulder that you will need to cry one. We can be that ear to listen and no go and GOSSIP to the next person. We can be that sister that if you need something, they can go to you and not worry about it.

Check around town to see if there are any local groups of where wives meet maybe weekly, monthly, quarterly and network with them. You will be amazed and will have fun!!

Go out and NETWORK!!!

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