Friday, August 14, 2015

Surrounding myself with the 3 P's: Potential, Prayerful, & Positive

Lately, I have had the urge to just rant on and on about the things that I don’t like and don’t want to be a part with but I notice that when I prepare myself to say it, nothing comes out. I have tried that over and over but nothing. Then I started listening to God and getting myself lined up with the Word of God and He is handling it. So that is why I am focussed on surrounding myself with people that fits the category of the 3ps…Potential, Prayerful, and Positive.

Potential. Why this area first? Well, it will reflect the fact that if they compare and benefit to me personally and business wise.  Everybody you speak to is not beneficial. I want to surround myself with people with potential because it will allow us both to grow and become better people. If you have more knowledge than I do in certain an area, that is fine. I don’t want a “push me over” type person that is going to force it because it may not be my time to grasp it. We will benefit each other and not the other way around.

Prayerful. Now you do have to be careful when you tell others to pray for you because they could be praying against you. But, there are some that are sincere with their prayer. Having a prayer partner is key in life because at the drop of a minute they will pray for you and you can actually feel the prayer. God hears sincere prayers and those are the ones that matter. Then when you and your prayer partner get together and pray, that’s a powerful feeling. I know who my prayer partners are and I’m keeping them close…lol

Positive. Now I can talk about this one forever but I will keep it simple and sweet. All of this negative talking and treatment, I am just removing myself from. I don’t have time for it and the more I’m around it, the more I will start acting like it. I am getting older, wiser, and just don’t have time for it. It’s not benefiting me in any way so why join in with it. I’m trying to build myself up not down. I don’t have time for the back and forth conversations that's going nowhere. What’s the purpose of them because, by the end of it, you would have forgotten what caused it in the first place? I am a woman of God, a wife, a mother, a professional, and I am going to carry myself as such. As the statement says, “I’m not ignoring you; I just don’t see any use for you anymore”. That’s how I see my circle of “associates” now. If you’re not benefitting, then bye-bye. 

This is making my life better. I'm trying to go up not down. So somethings I come against in life is not going to be for me. Guess what?? That is fine and I can accept that!!!  

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P.S. I love this quote!! 


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