Saturday, August 22, 2015

You make your own rules!!

Who says you can't be positive? Who says you can't dream? Who says you can't have what you want? Who says you can't live a happy and prosperous life? Well, whoever said it is not you so why listen to them. I mean honestly, you are the only person that is holding yourself back right? Stop going by their rules, and MAKE YOUR OWN RULES

As a wife.
I sometimes sit myself to the side to please my husband and be the best parent to my son. I stopped going to the salon. I stop buying me things I like. I stopped hanging with friends. I stopped being pretty. All of that and where did I end up? On the couch or in the bed miserable and lonely. Miserable in the aspect of not enjoying life. I was being that "housewife" even while having a full-time job. The cooking. The cleaning. The submissiveness. The all in one packet deal wife. It was hard, but I did with a smile.  But guess what?  I made my own rule up.  La Costa can still do all of that and still enjoy her life. So what rule did I come up with? Always make it a goal to get and do what I wanted to do. I have specific days of the week and month to do what I want.  Life is so much better.  It was nobody's fault but mine with me not enjoying life. 

As an employee.
I have currently been working in the real estate world for almost 15 years now. It has been a pleasure and many ups and down. But it's a job. In the past, I have allowed myself to take the "shorter end of the stick" and not value myself as an employee.  So if I don't value myself, then who will in corporate America? I then wrote down my qualifications and updated my resume. I spoke with some other colleagues and got some reviews from them and was like wow, I really need to start valuing myself more. Where am I going with this? Glad you ask.  Stop settling for the jobs that don't allow you to grow. Make your own rule about the jobs you think and know that you are qualified for. Don't belittle yourself and think that you are not worth it. If you have managerial experience, don't settle for an entry level. Go after what you want! 

As a woman. 
We wear many, many hats. But no one wants to wear the hat for us. Take time for yourself. Take a bubble bath. Go on a cruise. Go read a new book. Cut your hair. Put some highlights in your hair. Buy a new car (that's a big step). Buy a new house (that's a huge step). You know do things you want to do. Nobody is holding you back but YOU! Start enjoying life to the fullest. Make your own rules to doing the things you want to do. It makes life so much better. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT!! 

So what is the post saying; very simple, make your own rules for own life and be great in all you do!

Until next time, go be GREAT! 



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