Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blogger of the Month!!

Okay, this month has been crazy busy but, that is a good thing.

At the beginning of the month, I received a message to inform me that I was selected to be "Blogger of the Month" for Alabama Women Bloggers website. It was early in the morning (6 am), on a Sunday, and I saw the message, but it didn't click to me of what I just read just yet. So, as I prepare my family and I for church service, in which that particular Sunday was extremely a busy day for me, it still hadn't hit me yet. I did respond back to the person over the website and thanked her for the opportunity. But it really didn't hit me until I got back home later that day and had to prepare some posts for the website.  I told my husband and in the midst of telling him, the excitement sneaked out! I was like who me? I couldn't believe it. I immediately thought to myself, oh my, I have to really become professional now, but that's a bad thing.

While in my home office, as I prepare to type my first post, I started thanking God for the opportunity. It's amazing of how He will open doors for you. That first door was opened on August 1st when I attended the Bloginista Mini-Con hosted by Founder of See Jane Write, Javacia Harris-Bowser. I got a chance to network with some powerful women that are right here in Birmingham, Alabama and that is all it took.  Javacia has been wonderful with guiding us all in the right direction regarding writing, whether for a blog, magazine, or book.  I also came across some wonderful sites and pages that enhanced the networking as well. Alabama Women Bloggers site was one of the ones I started networking with.  My first opportunity with them was on August 19th when a blog post I did was featured on their site. So after all of this, my writing has gotten better and consistent with my blogging schedule and I make sure that I am doing it right. There is still so much more to learn, but I can say that I'm off to a great start.

So this opportunity of being "Blogger of the Month" has opened another opportunity. I have been writing posts on the word prepare and trust me, this has indeed prepared me for the next level of my blog and business. I write about things that are real and if I don't experience it myself, then I don't write about it. This has prepared me to believe in myself that with God all things are possible and He is truly blessing me with through this network.

I thank Kari Scott and the staff of Alabama Women Bloggers for this opportunity and I couldn't have asked for a better task and word to work with. I looked forward to many future endeavors with our companies and the things to come.

Until next time, I'm off being the Blogger of the Month!!!



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