Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Falling" Back in Love - 7 day challenge

Since the fall season is right around the corner from us, let’s dedicate this month to “falling back in love” with your spouse. Do you remember what it took for you to grasp his heart? Do you remember what he did to grasp your heart? What did it take for you all to both be head over hills with each other? Well, I’m challenging you all in a 7-day challenge to “fall” back in love! Are you up for the challenge? 

Day 1:
Love notes. 
Remember the famous love note in school? Do you like me: circle one YES or NO.  Well, do that to your spouse but don’t send it via text message. 
Get a sticky note or a piece of paper and write your message on there. Put it in his wallet, briefcase, lunch bag, or in something that you know when he opens it, he will see it. 
Let him know that he will have to hand you the answer and not text you.

*The purpose of this challenge is to feel the butterflies in your stomach again like you use to in the beginning*

Until next time, I'm off to falling back in love! 



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