Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Falling" Back in Love Challenge - Day 5

So I'm sure by now you have remembered why you fell in love with each other and it feels good to be back there doesn't it? I know, you can thank me later. :-)

But let's keep this thing going.

On to Day 5.

Dinner Date. 
It's time for you two to sit down and have a nice candle lit dinner. 
This can be done at home or at your favorite restaurant. If you want to go the extra mile, suggest the restaurant where you had your first date at (if it's still in 
Relax. Enjoy. Laugh. Talk. Look into each other eyes. Eat. 
Hold hands. Share your food. 
This is something that will relax the both of you and the talk on the way home or cleaning up from the dinner at home, will be so worth it. 

Until next time, I'm off to make some dinner reservations! :-) 



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