Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Falling" Back in Love Challenge - Day 6

Well, we are almost at the end of our challenge but hasn't it been a joy? The memories have just come in and flooded your memory of why you married him. Sometimes it takes someone else to tell us to do something before we do it. Not sure why it's like that but, it is.  We all have a busy schedule and sometimes those things take over our lives and we can't focus. But, it's okay we just need to make sure we show love to our spouse in the midst of that busy schedule. 

Now on to Day 6: 

For the last 5 days, you have had the opportunity to reflect back on why you fell in love with the man you are with. You've gotten the butterflies all over again and every time you think about him, you laugh like a little girl and start to blush. GREAT!!! The Love Notes. Date Night. The List. Family Picnic outing. Dinner Date. All of these assisted you in going back to when you were in love. It doesn't have to stop after the challenge ends, it can continue. Your memories are the glue to your marriage that sticks it together. From that, you build and build and build. Make your marriage the kind where your children will admire yours and want theirs as such. 
Continue to think on what made this relationship start. 
Continue to think on what made you get married. 
Continue to think on who and what you made a vow to. 

Trust me, it's so worth it. 

Until next time, I'm off to continue to reflect on why 
I'm proud to be the Mrs. La Costa D. Gaston!! 



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