Sunday, October 11, 2015

Preparing For The Week

Many of us live busy lives and we just go with the flow of life instead of preparing for life. As a wife, a mother, a full-time employee, and so many other titles, it is a MUST that we sit down to prepare for the week. In preparing, you are pretty much getting the blueprints lined up for the week, for your family. I see life so much better and easy if I just sit down and prepare.  

This is a list of a few of things I suggest to use in preparing for the week:

  This will tell you what you have to do and deadlines. Be specific on the calendar and set color codes so you will know what each item belongs to. Calendars can be done by paper and/or electronically.  The more you make notes about certain appointments, the more you will get adjusted to it. This can and will be your best friend. 

Weekly Menu Plan. 
  Raise your hand if you go to the grocery store 5 times a week? I know I did and it was nerve wrecking. It’s almost like you are buying for instant things and not preparing for later on in the week. Stop that!! You can buy an eraser board and place in the kitchen to keep up with what’s going to be for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for the week.

    Ironing for the entire week. 
  Yes, this is something that I do and it helps tremendously. How does it help? Well, let’s just say that you wake up late for work or school. You have to throw something either in the dryer or try to stretch it out to get the wrinkles out. If you set-aside a certain time to do all of your ironing, you will see the difference.

Cleaning Chores. 
Set certain days of the week to do certain chores. If you try to do them all in one day, you may tire yourself out. Include everyone in the house to do a chore. The final result of the cleaning is so beneficial.

Some may do if different. Some may do it just like I stated. If you are just starting to do something as such, welcome. If you have been doing this but, it’s been a while since you really went by a schedule, it’s not too late to pick up where you left off at.  As my husband says, “people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan”.

Until next time, I’m off to prepare for the week!



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