Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 10 - Thankful for My Five Senses!

Now, how often do we take having all of our five senses for granted? I know I do until something happens to them and I can't use one of them. If you don't know what the five senses are, shame on you. But, I will tell you what they are. 

1) Sight (the ability to see)
2) Touch (when you feel on something)
3) Taste (the ability to examine the flavors from eating) 
4) Hearing (you can recognize a sound)
5) Smell (to know if something is supposed to have that aroma)

Something so simple but has a powerful meaning behind it. Just think. There are people that don't have one of these and wish they were in your shoes. But are we really thankful for having our five senses? Just as quick as you have them, you can lose them. I know when I get sick and my taste buds are not where they need to be, I get frustrated. Just imagine if you couldn't taste anything. I know I like to cook and bake and if I couldn't taste either one, then I would be miserable. 

So today I ask you, are you thankful for having your five senses? 

I am!! 


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