Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 11 - Thankful for the Veterans!

Today, we take the time to honor ALL VETERANS! Today is National Veterans Day. We thank you for putting your life in risk so that we may be free. We thank you for setting your life to the side so that we may have a free life.  We thank you for risking your life our safety. 

Let's take a moment today to hold a moment of silence in respect for those that were on the battlefield but lost their lives. 

Also, I want to salute the Veterans' families. I can't even imagine what goes on in your head when you have a spouse, parent, or other family members out there fighting for not only your protection but theirs also. I'm sure it's not an easy task but you do it well and it is appreciated. 

I know several but I don't want to start calling names because I may miss one. 

Today, I am thankful and I salute all Veterans (men and women; young and old)!! 


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