Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 12 - Thankful for Technology!

Okay, yes I know this might sound crazy but hear me out on this one. I am thankful for technology. Why? Technology helps me keep up to date on A LOT of things, both personal and business. Technology is the number 1 thing now where you can't imagine your life without it. Now, yes we didn't have all of this tech stuff over several years (or maybe even a few decades) ago, but hey it's here now!! I love how my blogging sister Sherri Ross of YouGotRossed gives us updates on technology (Apple products) on Tuesdays. I just love it!!

I'm so into technology, I want it to be in my car. The car I have now only has Bluetooth capability, but when I start back car shopping (Sherri is going to help me with that too...inside joke), I'm going to make sure that everything is just a finger touch away. Sounds strange? To you...yes. To

Now, I'm going to make this statement and I hope someone from the Apple world reads this and understand where I'm coming from. Thank you for all of the updates that you have provided for your products. But may I ask a favor. If you can, could you make your next update or a button that gives us the ability to re-start the devices instead of doing a complete power off.  I mean it is a little frustrating that when your phone freezes, that you have to fully power it off and then power it back on. Please, pretty please?!?! That would really help me out.

But yeah technology is my thing and I am appreciative of it. We have come a very long way from the different versions of cell phones. Also, who would have thought that you could drive a car that can parallel park for you while you are in the car? Yeah, that rocks! I mean who are we kidding, technology is the future. If you're not ready for it, then you better get there. And who would have thought that we could communicate with someone like we personally know them but never seen them by just using a computer or your phone to send a message to? So now you see why I like technology? You should join me!! 

So, overall I am thankful for technology because it keeps me up on life itself. 


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