Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 13 - Thankful for The Wrong Things

OMG...if everything that could go wrong on this day go wrong, guess what it did. I went to work today planning to only work a 1/2 day to prepare for the event tonight. Well, at the last minute, after my closing, my computer would not cooperate. Really??? So yes this did delay me leaving at 1:00 yesterday. Well, besides my situations at work, little did I know that was only the beginning to go down hill. 

I had a schedule to go by and needed to get some additional things done before finally going home from work. Well, you do know that my schedule was thrown out the window. Yep, and here comes my headache. Oh, and one more thing, the thought of eating, out the window too. Everyone kept telling me that everything was going to work out. But who knows that this is the last thing that you want to hear when things are going wrong? Yes, I will admit that I am a perfectionist that only goes by ORDER. But some way, God had a different way of doing things. 

Once I finally got home, I pulled out the checklist and starting officially checking things off. Gifts, check. Name badges, check. Tickets for door prize drawing, check. Everything was done. So, as I prepare to get ready, I couldn't find the belt I wanted to really wear. My husband and son were in the midst of preparing for their father and son weekend (it's hunting season). I couldn't find this and that and yet, things are going wrong. As I started to out on my makeup, I looked in the mirror and something spoke to me and said I've got you and this is in the making. Right at that moment, I knew it was going to be alright. Yes, I cried while putting on my makeup, so I had to start over and switch to the waterproof mascara. 

So overall, things did not go my way in preparing for the event. Yes, a lot of things went wrong. This is part of life. Things are going to go wrong, but we don't have to reflect on it. You only build up from there and go forward. If things would go our way, I think a lot of things would be so different. But we have to remember, we don't have control of our lives. God is the Planner and He knows what He is doing. The night went PERFECT!!! Did I learn something in this? I did. Pray. Breath. Eat. Breath. Do what you can. Go forward. All in that order. 

So, I am thankful for the wrong things that went wrong because in the end everything went right! 


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