Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 16 - Thankful for My Bed!

Sweet and simple, ahhhhhhhh my bed! Crazy Monday. Busy weekend. What better place to end my day than being in my bed. Some may say that this may not seem important. But, oh it is. Some don't have a bed. I've been in a placing my life of where I only had a mattress. That's why I tell people, you don't know my story. 

But, now I can come home to a bed where I have to climb up to get in.  To me, that's not a blessing.  Remote...check. Glass of water...check. Phone on charger...check. Hallmark Christmas movie playing...check. Mattress shaped to my body shape so I can sleep comfortably....PRICELESS!! 

So yes, I'm thankful for my bed tonight!! 


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