Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 24 - Thankful for Heat

The weather here in Alabama can be very picky. We are now at the end of November and the cold days are now starting to coming in. I mean on November 6, we were at 80°. That's not normal. I still had my air on. But lately, the coldness has now approached the Mornings 29° and evenings at 59°. That's more like it for the fall season. 

But due to some health issues, me and the cold weather don't mix well. But that doesn't mean I don't like the season because I do, I just have to be near some heat. I shiver. I start to feel pain all over. My body doesn't comprehend with coldness. Since the cold nights have been coming in, I make sure the house is heated properly. My husband HATES the heat so I have to keep him in consideration. So it doesn't feel like a furnace but it's comfortable for us all. A little secret that many don't know about me. If my feet and nose are cold, I'm cold.  Those pretty much control my body temperature. Strange? I know. 

So, I'm thankful for having heat in my home. I pray for those that don't have it. I've been there before but thank God for deliverance. 


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