Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 30 - Thankful We Made it Through this Challenge!

So, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am behind (unfortunately) on my daily posts for my 30-day Thankful Challenge so I'm going to catch it all up in this last post. Was this difficult? No. I just slacked off from doing them in a timely manner and then I get sick on my days off. I mean who does that? So I was sick the day after Thanksgiving and the bed and I became best friends.

Day 26 - Thankful for seeing another Thanksgiving Holiday. This day is always hard for me because some dear family members died on or before Thanksgiving. My uncle, who was the only man figure in my life for a very long time, died on Thanksgiving in 2000 and I won't ever forget that phone call. I try to keep myself busy during the morning hours to not think about it, but it's still hard. I am truly thankful for the memories I have of each one of them. Later in the day, my husband and I went to church service. Our churches fellowship with each other for Thanksgiving service and this is how we originally met. Afterwards we had 4 houses to visit and we made all 4 of them. Yes, I was extremely tired and that's when the sickness came down. But overall, I was thankful for yet another Thanksgiving holiday.

Day 27 - Thankful for the activities of my limbs. Ladies and gentlemen, the sickness has officially tackled my body and I'm stuck in the bed. No Black Friday shopping for me! I am in the bed with my towel, remote, and medicine. Even though I am sick with a terrible cold, I am still able to move around and be in my right mind. Thankful that this cold is nothing serious. As my husband tells me, my body was tired and the only way I can get some rest is that I get sick. Gee, thanks! I'm still able to go from one room to another and I don't take that lightly.

Day 28 - Thankful that Alabama won the Iron Bowl.  Not that I was worried about them, but we did have a little struggle here and there. Overall, both teams played very well. This is one of the biggest rival games in College Football and I'm proud to say that I'm from this! It was a great game and I watched it from the comfort of my bed and yes I was still sick. I am a Bama girl and wouldn't have it no other way.

Day 29 - Thankful for the ability to breathe. Gee wiz, this cold has me tied down to the bed as if I'm a thread in the mattress. This is horrible because I don't like being sick. It slows me down. I can't do much. I'm tired. I can't breathe. My taste buds are not where they are supposed to be. What is there for me to do? But my sweet husband and son bought me (after church) some oranges, Vick's Vapor Rub, and some TheraFlu to help with my illness. Let's just say, the Vapor's Rub cleared things up for me. Didn't know how important it was to breathe until I couldn't. I mean, who likes to breathe through their mouth? I don't. Your mouth gets dry and a very bitter taste comes about and I don't like it.

Day 30 - Thankful for making it through this challenge. Yay, we are at the last day of this challenge. This was a challenge in itself to write down something every day during the month of November but you should be thankful for everything, so it shouldn't have been that difficult. Thank you to all that participated in this challenge. As I have mentioned before, you can continue on through the month of December. I do apologize about my lateness of my posts, but I tried my best to stay on top of things. Now time to get officially prepared for the Christmas holidays!! 

Until next time, I'm off to pull out my Christmas decor (also still being sick)! 



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