Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 9 - Thankful for my Friends

Friends…a word that I don’t take lightly. Friends…a word that I don’t misuse. Friends…through ups and downs we can still be there for each other. Am I thankful to say that I have friends? Yes, I am. In today's time, you have to be careful in choosing your friends because many are there for the wrong reason. It’s hard now to trust people.  One thing I am caution about in my friendships is when the word “money” comes up. Both my husband and I have helped out so many people financially and they have gotten what they needed from us and ran. Meaning, they are no longer on the friend list.

My list isn’t that long. I am a people’s person, but I am cautious of who I call “friend”. But to the ones that I do call my friend, thank you for being that friend. Thank you for being there when I need you. We may not talk every day nor every month but when we do talk we left off, we just pick up from there and go. It means a lot to call the ones that’s on the list friends. That means they have a special place in my heart. Yes, that was my mushy moment. Also, I don't need friends nor people in my life that's not encouraging and always out to get what they want. It's more to life than you. The friends I have I'm thankful to say that they are encouraging, beneficial, and loving on many areas in life. You know that saying goes in order to have friends, you first have to be a friend. That is true. 

So today, I want the world to know that I thank each of you for being that "real" friend. I am truly thankful for you.  


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