Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just touching basis...

On last Sunday, we started a 30-day challenge in this month called "30 Days of Being Thankful".  We asked that you keep a journal during this challenge and each day in the month of November, you write things that you are thankful for.  Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, but being thankful is something that should be done daily.  

In making your daily list of things that you are thankful for, you will be amazed at your list. When you start thinking about, the list can be go on and one.  If you want to keep going after November 30th, you surely can. Are you doing this challenge by yourself? Did you ask your family to participate with you? Did you ask a friend to participate with you? How is it going so far? 

If you haven't started yet, that's okay. You can start today!! It's not too late. Go on and grab a pen and a journal and start the 30 day challenge.  

So today I ask, what are you thankful for? 


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