Saturday, November 21, 2015

Recap - Five Bar Restaurant

On last Friday (11.13.15), after the Meet, Mingle, & Drink Wine event, some friends invited me to go to Five Bar Restaurant with them. I had never heard of this restaurant before but hey I didn't mind the fellowship. I thought I was going to be tired after the event,  but I wasn't. I was full of energy and overjoyed because the event was a success. So I called my friend and told her that I am on my way to meet with them. She mentioned the area that it was in and I was familiar with the location because we went to another restaurant near it. So I come to the traffic light to turn and I spot the restaurant. 

I get out the car and I walk into the restaurant to look for my friends. I found them and I immediately said, this is really nice. Nothing fancy. Nothing run down. A pleasant area to hang with friends or a nice comfortable date night. Appetizers and drinks were ordered. I ordered the strawberry lemonade drink and boy oh boy, was it good. I drunk it slow to take in what I was drinking. The appetizers were a baked avocado with bacon, shrimp and a spicy sauce & uptown shrimp with a spicy creamy sauce over Asian slaw. TOP NOTCH!! They were delicious. The spiciness of the appetizers were not over powering, but it will hit you at the end of the bite. 

We all ordered the cheeseburger and fries. Little did we know, that it also came with a salad. This salad was some mixed green leaves, feta cheese crums, cranberries, walnuts, spicy cucumbers, and a vinegarette dressing. It was so good, we pretty much ate that first before we digged into the burger. We couldn't stop talking about that salad, it was so good. We also didn't know the burger was a doubled meat burger so we all cut it in half to eat. 

Everything was great. I would definitely go back again and try a new dish. The waiter was pleasant and it was relaxing. Oh, I can't forget the little surprise that came with our ticket. COOKIES! I can't remember the name of the cookies (crazy me) but they had cocunut in them. It would almost give you a taste of a tea cake cookie with cocunut. 

So, Five Bar Restauarant in the Avondale area, gets a two thumbs up from this customer. 

Until next time, I'm deciding on when I going back. 



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