Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Recap - The Meet, Mingle, & Drink Wine Event!

I want to host an event on behalf of my blog! That was the thought that came to mind 3 years ago when I first started my blog. Many ideas came to mind, but none of them took place. A lot of planning was done for them, but it just didn't seem right at the time to do them. Something kept telling me, in due season. Yes, I got depressed. Yes, I was hurt. Yes, I tried to force it. But, it wasn't the right time. So now, my blog is out there. I'm posting blog posts left and right, but nothing face to face. 

The 3rd year blogiversary took place on July 2, 2015, and I knew it was really time to take this blog to another level. I had many ideas but just didn't know how. So the researching and networking began. I attended a conference that filled me with so much valuable information, I walked out saying, yes, it's time. Time to have my event. Time to bring "The Journey of Being a Wife" to the scene.  So I sat down to look at my schedule and said before the holidays hit, I'm going to host my event.  I wanted somewhere nice and elegant for wives to relax and enjoy. I wanted something where wives can meet other wives in an atmosphere that not only can you have a girls gathering, but you can bring your spouse to. I attended an event at The Wine Loft, Downtown Birmingham, and when I walked in, my spirit said, yes, this is it. So looking at my schedule, I said November. Nothing too close to Thanksgiving but something that is still a neutral date. So, I put it on the calendar for November 13, 2015, a Friday. Yes, Friday the 13th, was my first blog event. Off to planning I go. 

In planning this event, it was simply easy. The contacts I called on for services immediately replied by saying yes. I got some great advice from my Money Make-up Artist, Tracie Threadford, of how to do the setup and real advice for planning this event. Tracie is hilarious, but I love her dearly because she is real in all of her advice! Day by day, I was checking items off my to-do list and it felt great! I even had people to donate items to give as door prizes to the guests. So I knew then this was perfect timing for this event.  

Well, of course you know when the day finally came, nothing went right. Everything that could block me from going by my schedule did. You will have to read that in my post about being thankful for the wrong things. But, when it was time to pull out of my driveway to head to the venue, that feeling of this is right came over me and I turned up the Christmas music in my car and started to relax. I set up the event on EventBrite to have a count of how many was attending. Boy did that help! 

So, I now arrive at the venue. I meet my decorator, Tamika Bland, with Say It With Balloons Ballon Decor, in the parking area, as she unloads the decoration for the event from her car.  I then go into The Wine Loft and ask for my contact who I had been working with. Kristin Warren and she was great to work with. She directs me in the area of where we will be and that's all I needed. Tamika started her set up and everything went great from there. 

I got an opportunity to meet some of the ladies that purchased tickets, which was an honor. Some very close family and friends came to the event as well and that just made me feel so wonderful. I also asked two of my special guests to speak on behalf of areas that I have asked them to participate in within the tribe. Yes, they are a part of my tribe and they are wonderful.  Minister Donna Brown, with Sisters S.O.S and Melissa Williams, fitness expert, came and graced the guests to let them know about their highlight days with the blog.  Then, the young lady that posted information on her page to give me that push into my blogging career, Artney Walker, of MyPrettyBrownFit, thank you so much for your support and love. It means a lot to me. 

Overall, everything was great. It really exceeded my expectations! I truly thank God for the opportunity and I can't wait to see where He takes me next in this business. Thank you to all that came. For the ones, that couldn't make it, don't worry, there will be much more to come, just stay tuned. 

My sponsors: 
The Wine Loft
Sondra D. Hall (co-worker who designed my shirt)
PoohPooh Crawford (Dream Catcher Creations-who designed the blog coffee mug)
Shala Hardy, owner of Essence of Heaven Massage
Brittney Stallworth, owner of Scents from Heaven Candles 
Aretha Percy (my freelance photographer)

As I mentioned, stay tuned for much, much more to come with the blog. This was only the beginning of something GREAT here in Birmingham, Alabama. Pictures will be upload soon to the blog and social network pages. Can't wait to see them! 

Until next time, I'm off planning the next event!! 



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