Monday, December 21, 2015

Giving is Caring.

Okay, this may not be the type of post that some would normally post but I'm not like others. I am my OWN! :-)

As you know we are in the week of Christmas. To some, it still doesn't really feel like Christmas. Here are a few reasons that I think why it doesn't feel like Christmas.

1) The weather here is the south has a mind of its own, so it really hasn't been that cold. Which strangely, I'm thankful for that. There are many that are homeless and many families that can't afford the high gas bill. They either have electrical heaters (in which you have to be safe where you place them in your home) or no heat at all and have to use the stove, to generate heat.

2) Days are going by so swiftly that the holiday is catching some off guard (like myself). I didn't even put up a Christmas tree and that is not like me.

3) People are losing their jobs. Today's economy is hard on EVERYONE. You can't trust a job. You can't even trust the bank for a loan today. You can only trust GOD! I too was laid off from my job this time last year but thankfully my husband was working and we still had an income coming in.  It was very difficult at times. It's not even easy to get a job at a temp agency. But those are too hard to depend on. You can be on an assignment today and the assignment can end at the end of your shift.

So I'm sure you see why this Christmas is difficult for everyone. The list can go on and on. BUT, there is something that we can all participate in this holiday season. You never know what people are going through and maybe need some encouraging. We all don't have much to give, but we can give something.

1) Give a Smile
Show those PEARLS!! You don't have to have a reason to smile. Just do it. That smile will make the next person smile, which will make the next person smile, and the next, and the next. See where this is going.

2) Give a Hug
When you hug someone, it's supposed to be a good feeling. Pass the love around. Afraid to hug someone you don't know. Don't worry. Go and hug someone you do know and tell them TAG YOU'RE IT. Which means, they will have to go hug someone they know and so on.  That one hug can make someone feel a lot better and give hope.

3) Pay it forward
Now, I personally haven't received this yet but I have done it. I was at a Chick-fil-A and I paid it forward for a family that had two kids. It's not that they looked like they couldn't afford it, but I wanted to do something nice. I did ask them what they were ordering and just made one large order for them and myself. It made me feel so good!

4) Buy something nice for someone
It doesn't have to be anything expensive or fancy, but something nice. It's not what you give, but why you gave; to bless someone.

5) Give a nice tip to a waiter/waitress
We have all been there being a waiter/waitress and we know that it's hard to get tips. Also, some employers like to count your tips. Me personally, I don't think that's any of their business, but that's another story for another day. But give an extra $5, $10, or maybe even $20 to help them with finances. You just never know how it will help them.

We all can go the extra mile this holiday season to bless someone else. The blessing you give to them can and will also bless you. This is the season of giving!!

Until next time, I'm off to give a little extra this holiday season.



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