Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Shop for your Husband

Raise your hand if your spouse has a particular style? Raise your hand if your husband loves to look and smell good? Raise your hand if it's hard to shop for your spouse, if he already has everything? Raise your hand if it's hard to shop for your spouse, if he is picky about things he likes? If you have answered "yes" to more than two questions, this will help you. 

I never thought it would be difficult to shop for a man until I became Mrs. La Costa Gaston. It's not a bad thing, it's almost funny because he says the same about me when he is shopping. It goes all the way down to buying food at the grocery store or a restaurant. We have never been in competition with each other about the gifts, but I think he knows that I put a little more effort into putting the gift fully together. For example: I buy him an outfit. He buys me a gift card. My gift to him is going to coordinate with something that I already have in my closet (color coordinate) My gift will also be in a nice gift bag with the tissue put in properly and decorated very pretty. He knows NOTHING about the gift. Walks in the room and hand him the gift and kiss him on the lips and say, hey I just wanted to do something nice for you. The gift to me from him and this is really how the conversation will go. Him: Hey bae, I wanted to surprise you, BUT you are very hard to pick for. Me: No I'm not and why you mess up the surprise. Him: Well, I didn't want to tell you but I started to second guess it so I wanted to let you know I got you something and you would have told me that I didn't have to get it. Me: That's very sweet of you, but you should have SURPRISED me since that's what it is. Him: Well it's a gift card to your favorite store Micheal's. Me: Thank you and I truly appreciate it BUT you spoiled the surprise. 

Now back to my! How do you shop for your husband? Very easy. Follow these steps and it won't be so hard. 

Step 1: Ask Questions
Crazy concept. No, it's not. You're not asking direct questions, you are beating around the bush. Don't just come out with the question. Be sneaky with it. Ask during a general conversation. 

Step 2: Pay attention to what he likes
If your husband has never mentioned that he likes skinny jeans, DON'T buy him a pair. If your husband has never mention that he wants to wear a long gold chain, DON'T buy him a long gold chain. If you to what he likes, when you present it to him, it will make him feel good because he will know that you have been paying attention. 

Step 3: Check his sizes
The last thing you want to do is buy something that is too small or too big. Just snooze around every now and then when he is not looking. Put the memo in your phone so you will always have that information near. 

Ladies, yes we can go hard when we are heated. But let me ask you a question. What are you trying to prove? Don't boast on everything that you do for him because a man never wants to feel as he is a necessity, but a NEED! 

Step 5: Don't be hurt if...
he tells you not to buy anything but treat yourself to something. You looking good, is the best gift to him. As long as his prize possession is looking good, that is all that he wants. A man takes pride in how he looks but he goes the extra step in how his wife and family looks. 

We may think it's hard, but ladies, let's be real, it's not. If you follow these steps, shopping for your husband will become an easier task! 

Until next time, I'm off to shop! 



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