Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Making Music with Your Spouse!

I am a music person and I love music! Jazz, NeoSoul, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Classical, and just little Country. That music is good music. But what about the music you can make with your spouse? The type of music that is only right for you and your spouse. How can you make music? Is there such a thing? Yes, of course. You can make music the spur of the moment. 

Here are a few tips on how you can make music with your spouse:

1) Grab him by the hand and dance. 
You don't have to turn on any music. Make up a song or sing a song the both of you know. Look into each others eyes and DANCE AWAY!! 

2) The Bed. 
Enough said. Music is definitely made there. :-) 

3) Sing a song together 
You both may not know all the words to a certain song but strike out on a song and tell him to join in with you. You may laugh at each other, but it's making memories and enjoying each other. 

4) Make a beat while doing a task together.
Now this could be a funny act but it can work. Whether your cleaning, cooking, and getting dressed, start a beat and watch how much fun have. Do it once, twice, or three's a charm! 

Anything and anytime you have with your spouse and you can have fun, DO IT! We are all caught up in the busy activities of our daily lives but every second you can tune out the world and only have him in your perimeter, that's what matters.  This is nothing hard. Just simple and sweet. Keep in mind, it's the small things that matter! 

So go ahead and start MAKING MUSIC with your spouse! 

Until next time, my hubby and I are singing our favorite song together! 



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