Thursday, December 31, 2015

Not "Resolutions" but "Goals"!

We are so quick to say when the new year come in that we are going to set New Year Resolutions and then they fall off by the month of March, and we go back to the regular program call LIFE!  BUT, I wonder why do they fall off? Do you write them down? Are they realistic? Do you keep track of what you are doing to change? Do you have someone to keep you on track? These questions are important because to me there is a difference between resolutions and goals. I personally think that resolutions are things people want to get away from temporarily because they didn't like how it turned out to be at that time. Goals are something that you want and desire. You strive to acheive goals. Now those are my own personal views on the two, not Webster's Dictionary. 

As you sit down today and reflect over the things that took place in your life in 2015, don't make a list of resolutions; make a list of GOALS. Make them realistic. Strive for them. Achieve them. Go for can DO IT! Going back to school. Organizing your home. Making time for your husband and kids. Bringing the love back in your home. Getting a promotion on your job. Getting a better job. Purchasing a home. Purchasing a new car. Making better health choices. The list goes on and on. Realistic Goals last! Resolutions don't. 

When you make your GOAL list, make several copies on the list. Why? So you can constantly remind your self what you are striving for. Want to keep up with you achievements towards your GOALS? That's a great idea. Grab a journal and pen and write away!  If you don't want a journal but maybe a simple form to help you with your goals, click here for our "Goal Checklist" to help you set up your goals and achieve them. This is will also help you see your progress. We all want to see progress!!  

It's never too late to start over in life! 

Until next time, I'm off to set GOALS!! 



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