Friday, January 8, 2016

Intimacy!! Do you have it???

Webster's Dictionary tells us that intimacy means close familiarity or friendship. Intimacy to me means a close and unspoken relationship you have with someone. Being a wife, you would have intimacy with your husband of course.  But intimacy can go so many other ways in any type of relationship. Intimacy is not always about the physical part of a marriage/relationship, but getting to know that real person you encounter.  

Mental Intimacy The thought of knowing that you have a great relationship with your spouse is so rewarding. When you think about that you are married to this person that sees your ups and downs, but still loves your the same, is the best feeling ever. Holding hands can be under physical but mental as well. Why? Because when the two of you touch and sparkles goes through the both of your bodies, is exciting.  When you see his name come up on a text message or phone call, and you get butterflies and excited to hear his voice.  Taking in all of the things that he likes and dislikes and focus on those to make his life easy and the best marriage ever. 

Physical Intimacy Sex. Dancing. Touching. Kissing. Just a few physical categories for physical intimacy. We all know that sex in the most intense area of intimacy. I mean you are sharing each other bodies while expressing your emotions through a physical Who wouldn't enjoy that? I do!! Dancing is another intense moment. You can dance and tell your partner what you are thinking about and how much you care for them through dance. If you and your dancing partner connect while dancing, you both will be telling your love story through the arts! Touching (holding hands, hugging, high five each other, locking arms together while walking) are just a few areas on how touching can be expressed as intimacy. Heck, you can even play a fun game of tug-a-war.  

Spiritual Intimacy To have a spiritually intimate relationship, first and foremost it must be done with our Heavenly Father. Getting to know Him is the best thing not only for your life, but those affiliated with you. When He is on the inside of you, He will shine and others will see Him. That type of relationship is the most important one because your soul has to go somewhere when that day comes.  How can spiritual intimacy apply to your marriage? Well, when your spouse sees God in you, then that will not only draw him closer to God but closer to you. Pray together. Worship together. Study the bible together. When you obey God's Word, not only as a wife but as a woman, the intimacy when come naturally. 

If you haven't thought about these areas of intimacy, I advise you to start. Not only are they meaningful in your relationship but your personal life. It makes you shine. It makes you feel good. It makes you smile. It makes you feel relax. It makes you a better WOMAN!!! 

Until next time, I'm off to be intimate! 



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