Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sweet "16" Lovers Giveaway

And who's ready for Valentine's Day? Not you? Well, you better get ready. It's coming. You don't have to do anything fancy (unless you want to). Just take the time to acknowledge the day and the love it brings with it. Now, I treat my husband throughout the year, but I do take time to do something a little extra on that day. 

This year we are doing Sweet "16" Lovers giveaway. You will have our social network pages to get the rules for the giveaway. 

The giveaway will begin on Monday, February 1st thru Thursday, February 10th. The cut-off time for entries on February 10 is 12 noon CST.

A lucky wife (and hubby) will receive the following:

1) A sweet a beautiful key chain called "Wine is for Lovers" 
2) A dozen of chocolate Strawberries
3) A Lovely Red Lipstick from Mary Kay
4) A Vibrating Ring Sex Toy
5) 10 Naughty Adult Coupons 

Thank you to our sponsors. Please make sure you support them and follow them! 

Angel Jones owner of Shea's Sweets 

Trina McCall owner of Simply Tempting

Sasha Maples Johns of True Vine Gifts

Looking forward to the entries!!!



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