Monday, January 4, 2016

Sweet 16!!

So when we think of the phrase "sweet 16" we think of maybe a female teenager turning the age 16, which starts a new era in her life. Well, why not apply that to your marriage? What do I mean? How to do that? Is there a party involved?  We are now in the year of 2016 and we are looking forward to the great things to come in and out of our lives, marriages, and families to make them BETTER!

Let's see...

Many of us had ups and downs in our marriages last year. Some probably thought that you weren't going to make it. Since we are striving for BETTER in 2016, celebrate the marriage date every month before and after your anniversary. You are making things "sweeter" and bringing the fire back in. It's not easy in our daily tasks of marriage, but we will make this thing work!

There are many things that you can do in your marriage to bring it back to the beginning when the both of you were so in love with each other. Just like when the female turns 16, that's a new era for her.  You can add to your era of marriage with a fresh start.  Add something new and fun. Do things that you both enjoy. Compliment each other regularly. Have several date nights. Try role-playing in the bedroom. Take an extended vacation. Turn off all electronic devices and enjoy each other's company. Try new things! 

We are going to present more things that will give you ideas to bring the sweetness back! STAY TUNED!! 

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